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Purchase 250,000 DYOR for ServiceNode Status

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250,000 DYOR
or 97.5 ETH per ServiceNode

Second Adopter round of 500 million DYOR tokens are available on a first come, first served basis.

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25,000 DYOR
9.75 ETH
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Rubikon Roadmap chart
Rubikon Roadmap chart

What is CertiCraft?

CertiCraft is the comprehensive blockchain solution for product information in the global cannabis industry.

What We Do

Track every input and product interaction from cultivation and processing, to distribution and consumption

Generate industry wide consumer analytics for informed decision making

Automate data entry with RFID/IoT hardware integration

Manage each stage of product life cycle with in-depth environment data

Stored Data is kept secure, immutable, and accessible

Token Economy

Service Nodes Information

Our Token: DYOR

Do Your Own Research

CertiCraft uses DYOR to gather all of the information for every product and make the relevant data accessible to consumers through our mobile application. Each addition of information on the blockchain requires an exchange of DYOR to render it immutable.

ServiceNode Operators run the CertiCraft CBN software to maintain the immutability of information stored on the network.

For every data transaction that is processed, a nominal Usage Fee (at a fixed fiat price) is charged which CertiCraft must pay to the system in DYOR. CertiCraft's blockchain mechanism autonomously distributes the Usage Fee to ServiceNode Operators for maintaining distributed network operations and securing the data of the entire cannabis industry.

With 10 billion DYOR ever created and no inflation in the system, DYOR has a limited supply. Usage Fees are fixed at a nominal fiat rate and the operational demand for DYOR by CertiCraft CBN supply chain clients will increase DYOR demand. As CertiCraft increases its client base and market share, monthly recurring demand will increase, increasing pressure on the limited supply.

CertiCraft is tailored to serve the needs of the global cannabis market. CertiCraft is a complete industry data solution validated by an immutable blockchain. Our RFID-integrated TrackBadges follow every product from seed to sale to consumption, and CertiCraft’s mobile app connects you with cultivators, processors, and retailers in real time helping you make the best decision about the products you enjoy. The CertiCraft Team is proud to deliver access to the entire cannabis industry at your fingertips.


Rubikon Roadmap chart
Rubikon Roadmap chart

Use of Proceeds

Use of Proceeds graph
Use of Proceeds graph

Meet the Team



Joel Semczyszyn

Serial entrepreneur, designer, developer, and the founder of Rubikon Blockchain Corporation. In his most recent role as an enterprise development consultant for Microsoft and SaaS platform development, Joel managed teams of designers and developers.





James DeMello

Varied career in taxation, finance, accounting and start-up incubation. As managing Partner of his tax accountancy firm, James works extensively with businesses in varied industries including production and manufacturing, technology, medical cannabis and renewable energy.


Leo and Company


Isaac Moss

27 years of international multi-jurisdictional business, investment banking and corporate finance experience ranging across diverse industry sectors from media, forests products, hospitality, telecommunications, bio-technology, technology, and energy. Previous director of Aurora Cannabis.


Aurora Cannabis
Electra Meccanica
Syntaris Power Corp

VP Stakeholder Relations

Nicholas Wong

Senior Developer

Shaun Luttin

UX UI Designer

Fraser Milne

Front End Developer

Matt Mazur

Hardware Engineer

Giles Fernandes

Hardware Specialist

Gary McCann

Social Media Manager

Anne Tremblay


Ron Luther

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