Seed-to-sale blockchain innovation for the legal cannabis industry

Rubikon CBN combines RFID and blockchain technologies to provide seamless compliance, surface real-time business intelligence, and put the global cannabis market at your fingertips.

What is Rubikon CBN?

Rubikon CBN is a blockchain validated product information and tracking system for the global cannabis sector. Through hardware integrations and the use of RFID/QR enabled TrackBadges, Rubikon provides the most comprehensive industry solution on the market.

Supply Chain Visibility

Track and record every product interaction along the supply chain in real time

Secured by our Blockchain

Guarantees data integrity through an immutable distributed ledger

Regulatory Compliance

Seamless cross-jurisdictional regulatory compliance reporting, including Health Canada ACMPR, U.S. state and European Union GMP regulations.

Real-time Business Intelligence

Generate live consumer reports and monitor internal processes

Brand awareness

Promote products and surface detailed information directly to consumers through our mobile application

Challenges in the Legalized Cannabis industry

Rubikon CBN directly addresses four key issues:


The cannabis industry is susceptible to theft and black market production throughout the value chain.
Rubikon CBN ensures inventory is sourced only from legal producers and accountability at all data points from seed-to-sale.


Product tracking is labour intensive and difficult to scale.
Rubikon CBN leverages RFID and QR code technology to enable passive and scalable tracking from production to consumption.


Established regulatory framework in Canada, the United States and European Union require products to be tracked for compliance purposes.
Rubikon CBN facilitates multi-jurisdictional tracking and reporting through its decentralized platform.


Producers, retailers, consumers and regulatory bodies in the emerging cannabis industry rely on timely and accurate information to make informed decisions.
Rubikon CBN provides an immutable and integrated solution for all stakeholders and participants in the cannabis value chain.

Taking Cannabis Global

The successful application of blockchain technology and RFID/QR Tracking in the Canadian cannabis market launches Rubikon CBN onto the global stage:

  • Market Agnostic Supply Chain Tracking

    As legalization initiatives sweep the globe, Rubikon CBN provides compliance solutions custom fit to your jurisdiction

  • Industry Agnostic Application

    Rubikon CBN is engineered to be customizable for uninterrupted integration into any regulated industry across the globe

  • The Scalable Blockchain Solution

    Capable of handling millions of data interactions per hour, Rubikon CBN is prepared for global adoption

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain

Rubikon CBN is one of the world's first commercialized use cases for cryptocurrency. Our hybrid blockchain network is powered by its members, whom we rely upon to verify transactions and maintain network integrity. We offer Blockchain-as-a-Service to our customers and profit sharing to our cryptocurrency holders.

The Road Ahead

Where we're going

Q3 2018

Rubikon CBN MVP completion, private pre-ICO crypto sale

Q4 2018

Rubikon CBN testing with established pilot program participants

Q1 2019

Rubikon CBN public launch, BAAS (blockchain as a service) revenue generation

Q2 2019

GMP pilot program, with the goal of enabling global cannabis export for Rubikon CBN clients


Joel Semczyszyn

Founder, CEO

James DeMello

Co-Founder, CFO

Isaac Moss


Nicholas Wong

Co-Founder, VP Business Development

Lloyd Exeter

VP Marketing

Shaun Luttin

Senior Developer

Giles Fernandes

Hardware Engineer

Gary McCann

RFID Specialist

Fraser Milne


Matt Mazur

Front End Developer

Anne Tremblay

Social Media Account Manager

Ron Luther